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  • Strive for a good moral character

  • Keep an honest and sincere way

  • Cultivate perseverance or a will for striving

  • Develop a respectful attitude

  • Restrain my physical ability through spiritual attainment

Cost $30 per month.

Alan Best Shihan started his Ryukyu Kempo training in September of 1997 in Blue Springs. The reason for his desire to train was to spend time with his son, Jarrod, who had already started training (at the age of 5), and the effectiveness of a technique that was applied, on him, by Kaicho Allan Amor at a demonstration that peaked his curiosity.
He was awarded the rank of Shodan(1st degree black belt) in 1999 and began to assist Kaicho Amor with the teaching duties at the headquarters dojo, located in Oak Grove. While continuing his training and teaching, this past summer he was awarded the rank of Yondan (4th degree black belt) in the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance.
The teaching of discipline in everyday life is what separates Ryukyu Karatedo from the sport oriented karate schools.
Good moral character, Honest and sincerity, perseverance, respect and self control. These are the character attributes that must be inherent in each Ryukyu Karate student's everyday behavior. The old way of protection is much different from the new attitudes that are taught and encouraged in the sport karate school. To be a champion does not mean you must defeat an opponent. To be a champion means to possess the character and ability to walk a peaceful life. This is the way of karate.

Please note that uniforms are not included in your monthly fee. If you would like to purchase a gi or belts please see Alan Best.

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